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Family is not the destination, but the journey

Who are we?

The Double o Family is a community organization which represents a group of people with different mindset to make changes in society for better. The sole purpose of this organization is to create a utopia where people can take break from the monotonous lifestyle. Where people don’t need to wear masks to make others happy, but can always be open minded and be themselves.

It’s an organization created with a view to promoting a safe environment for every fellow members to express his/her opinions and never to cower from any fear of the outside world.
We are one big family supporting one another in time of needs and encouraging each others in moment of bliss.

What we do

Every member of the Double O Family believe that supporting one another is the most basic foundation of this Family, followed by a chain of leaders to proclaim themselves as brothers or sisters. Their duty is to ensure a good environment where members can find peace and tranquillity

Place where people can not only share their opinions but also their literary works and artistic works as well. Get the recognitions of their values that others fail to comprehend.

Provide protection and security to the members to a certain degree. Aim to bring a massive change in the age old society and traditions.

keep calm and just be yourself

The family is the tree that will give you the protection, so just be yourself and be our brother and sister. No matter how old you are, how you look like and what you do or have done doesn’t matter to this family.

As the members of the double o family, we vow to protect the family and also its members. Basically, The family is ruled by mutual trust and understanding.

Members of this family do not need to fear about being exposed in public or anything. Not only we protect our member from real-life issues but also keep cover their secret and weaknesses.